Veg-Tan Tooling Leather


HIDE : Cows or bulls

ORIGIN:  Turkey, Belgium and Italy

THICKNESS : 2.0 mm to 5.0 mm

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS :Vegetable tanning,Full Grain

USED : Saddlery, Leather goods

COLOURS :Natural and others colours upon request

Veg-Tan Tooling Leather

Veg-tan tooling leather  method used to tan hides that utilizes organic materials, such as tree bark, instead of chemicals.
This is the process employed in the tanning of leather for  the right choice for projects you want to adorn with crisp, clean tooling and stamping designs. Projects made from vegetable tanned leather include saddles, holsters, belts, wallets, bags, shoes and purses. Usually somewhat stiff when new, veg-tan leather gets more flexible and supple with time and use. Veg-tan leather can be left natural or dyed and finished as desired.